I never hesitate when it comes to helping out a friend. Whether it's moving furniture, helping with a project, or eating your last slice of pizza I'm there for you. My classmate had a special side project in mind. Use me in a parody of the FX comedy Louie. 

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Art Director: Andrew Jones

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There's no hiding that I try to strike your funny bone from time to time. Most of the time I miss completely, but when I strike oh boy do I strike. During the 2016 Spring semester Old Tom Foolery, owned by Brandcenter alumni, had a request for students to submit lines to be used in their upcoming greeting card collection. Over 100 lines were submitted and I was chosen to be in the top twenty to be produced. 

Available for purchase here.

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I've always believed in maintaining both a healthy mind and a healthy body. During my first year at the Brandcenter I would check-in to the campus gym each time I went, and a couple people took notice. For their project they put together an infographic of all my check-ins at the gym.

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Strategist: Lauren Tresco

Strategist: Mishaal Abbasi