Virginia Tourism

This is live client work. 


"Virginia is for Lovers" is one of the most iconic slogans in America. It not only embraces the love for Virginia, but also the love for life and a passion for travel. They came to use with an opportunity they saw, and that people were not taking their paid vacation days. They wanted us to figure out why, then create a campaign to promote the use of paid vacation days in the state of Virginia.


  • Does it promote travel during weekdays?
  • Will it make Virginia the go to destination?
  • Does it make traveling more convenient?

App Demonstration

Dogs of Richmond Coffee Table Book


It's not only work that people feel guilty leaving behind. They also feel guilty about leaving their four legged family member behind. 44% of all Americans own a dog, and 48% of dog owners say they travel less because of their pet.

Consumer Learning

  • Dog owners see their pet as part of the family. If they are thinking of taking a vacation they also think about whether it is a good location for their dog.
  • It is very difficult to plan a trip with their dog. They have to make sure every spot they visit is pet friendly, and that gets very time consuming.
  • More Americans have pets than kids. They see their dog as their child.


  • Create a campaign that can be aligned with Virginia is for Lovers, and positions Virginia as the most convenient state for dog travel.
  • Show dog owners that taking their pets to work isn't enough for them.
  • Create special events that bring vacationers to Virginia during weekdays.


Virginia makes it easy for your whole family to escape.

Creative Concept

Virginia is for Dog Lovers.


  • Website Redesign
  • App Development
  • Pre Rolls
  • Tourism Book
  • Dog Events


Rian Chandler-Dovis: Brand Manager

Colleen Hiegel: Brand Manager

Jen Moody: Brand Manager