Oscar Mayer


We were tasked with making an everyday brand relevant again. For over 100 years Oscar Mayer has been the unofficial sponsor of lunch. How can the deli meat brand, that gets thrown in the back of the fridge, bring itself up front and center stage again?

Experience Considerations

  • Does it keep the brand's personality?
  • Where will our target see this?
  • Will it bring a fresh look to the brand?


Lunch is being skipped by office workers all across the nation.


Office workers fear that taking lunch will ruin their productivity.


If Oscar Mayer has always been the champion of lunch, isn’t it their responsibility to nurse it back to health?  Everything the brand does will inspire people to take their lunch breaks. It will encourage people not to skip lunch ever again!


Reclaim your lunch break.

Creative Concept

Skip _____, not lunch.


  • Print Ads
  • Youtube Pre Roll
  • OOH Stunts
  • Office Decor


Samantha Jolley: Art Director

Matt Klugman: Copywriter

Melanie Thompson: Strategist

Andrea Vega: Experience Designer

John Worthington: Art Director


Youtube pre roll telling viewers to skip the ad, but not lunch.