Mark Legacy planning Service


We were tasked with improving a failed Shark Tank contestant, My Wonderful Life. A service that allows you to pre plan for your funeral. There are two things in life that are certain. Death and taxes. However, death is more of a taboo topic. No one wants to think about it, even though we all go through it, but that doesn't mean we all have to go through it the same. 


A funeral is everyone's last mark they leave on the world, but most of the time we don't get the funeral we want. Since funeral wishes are usually put in wills, which aren't read until after a funeral, we had to find a way to make funeral wishes known to family members before the person passes.

Consumer Learning

  • Personalized funerals are becoming more popular than traditional funerals.
  • Whether they be realistic or not, people have an idea of what they want their funeral to be like.
  • No matter how prepared you are for someone to die, it is a hassle to prepare everything for when it happens.


Everyone goes through a funeral, and there is a trend towards more non traditional funerals. No one really knows where to start when setting up a funeral for a loved one, so we want to create a user friendly process for setting up the perfect funeral wanted by the deceased.


Mark Legacy Planning Service


Give people an easy-to-use platform to store their end-of-life celebration wants & needs, ensuring there will be no question about what you want.


Website redesign


Elizabeth Bassett: Copywriter

Caitlin Blumer: Strategist

Kelly Cabaniss: Copywriter

Alex McClelland: Art Director

Natasha Sligh: Experience Designer

Jansen Yoder: Art Director