This is live client work. Our team presented to the CEO and CMO of Hello products.

Hello products is looking to make the world a friendlier place. They even trademarked the term naturally friendly™ when they created their first product, toothpaste. After seeing success in their toothpaste they came to us to create a new product in the bathroom category that aligned with their business message, naturally friendly™, but also touched a sensitive topic to promote a viral message on social media.

Innovation Considerations

  • Is it a daily use product?
  • Can it be made more natural?
  • Are consumers on auto-pilot with their choice? ( i.e. Do they pick either the red box or blue box)

Business Opportunity
Flushable wipes are the fasting growing product in the home paper goods category, with $358 million in sales and 6% growth YoY. 

Consumer Learning

  • People are judgemental of others bathroom hygiene routines and quick to defend their own.
  • We’re rarely exposed to other’s routines and no one wants to think they’ve been doing it wrong all along.
  • This is because we've been alone in the bathroom for the majority of our lives. 
  • Through social listening we found the hottest contested debate in bathroom routines is whether people stand or sit when the wipe.

Brand Opportunity

Create a campaign that doesn’t create shame or division, but falls in line with our brand promise of being naturally friendly™. No matter how you wipe, with Tushé Flushables, everyone can benefit from a more natural clean.

Unite the wipers of all types. 

Creative Concept
The freedom to wipe the way you like. Naturally. 

The Great Wipe Debate


Mike Cardamone: Copywriter

Lizzy Hopkinson: Copywriter

Jessie Kemmerling: Art Director

Héctor Emilio Rivas Nina: Art Director

Natasha Sligh: Experience Designer

Andrew Vessels: Strategist