Gatorade is the undisputed leader in the sports drink market. However, just like Nike, they see themselves becoming more of a sports lifestyle brand. We were tasked with creating a retail store that not only matched the brand values, but creates an experience for all gatorade drinkers.


People who drink Gatorade are unsure of the product benefits, and lack education on the brand. As for the everyday athlete and workout enthusiasts, there is a lack of easy-to-access fitness and nutrition resources.


Huge knowledge gap between everyday athlete & professional athlete.


Create a retail experience that transitions Gatorade from a sports drink product to an athletic lifestyle brand. The store will be seen as the destination for health, energy, athletic innovation, and will empower today’s everyday athlete to perform to their potential. With the hydration station we will narrow the gap of sport nutrition knowledge between everyday athletes and pro athletes.

Development Considerations

  • Does it give an interactive experience?
  • Is it narrowing the knowledge gap between everyday athletes and professional athletes?
  • Does the design and layout fit the Gatorade image?


  • The Gatorade Store (Hydration Bar, Interactive Wall, Athlete Testing Rooms)
  • OOH Stunts
  • Limited Edition Products
  • Gatorade Van


Bryn Bissey: Brand Manager

Katie Cullinan: Experience Designer

Colleen Hiegel: Brand Manager

Chris Lumain: Art Director

Jenny Regan: Brand Manager